Bedding & Mattresses for the commercial market. Holiday homes, charter fleets, and more.

Wheelmark Mattress, Bedding, soft and hard furnishings for Commercial Off Shore shipping and rigs - compliant with  a range of IMO, MED, SOLAS and Health and safety regulations

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Custom & Ready Made Boat Bedding & More

Custom Made Mattresses for unusually shaped and sized beds

Custom & Ready Made Motorhome and Caravan Bedding & More

When only the very best is good enough - nothing to do with price just outright quality!

Practical & Stylish galleyware designed for boats, caravans & alfresco dining

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“Ship Shape World is the parent company to a variety of special divisions. Ship Shape World’s original heritage was in producing cost effect ready made bedding suitable for the marine environment.  The popularity of these products resulted in Ship Shape World growing to become the UK No.1 supplier in its field to the marine trade and public over the last 12 years.

Our dedicated sales teams have a huge wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of the needs and requirements in their respective fields be it commercial shipping and oil rigs at one level or the bespoke needs of a super yacht or private pleasure craft at the other.  

Throughout all our divisions, we pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction that we believe the customer should expect.

You are always free to call to discuss the most suitable options for your particular needs - with no obligation.

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